Optimistic concept.Once there was a farmer whose horse ran away, and all his neighbors came over and said, “What bad luck.” The farmer replied, “Maybe.” A few days later, the horse came back and brought five wild horses with it. The neighbors came over again and said, “what good luck.” The farmer said, “Maybe.” Then the farmer’s son tried to ride one of the wild horses, but he was thrown and broke his arm. The neighbors said, “what bad luck.” And again the farmer said, “maybe.” Finally the army came through the village conscripting all the able-bodied young men to fight in a war, but they left the farmer’s son at home because of his broken arm. The neighbors came over to say, “what good luck!” The farmer said, “maybe.”

That is life, right? We say, “yay” to all the good and we judge the bad as misfortune. We have no idea what is coming at us at any given time in this life. I love the farmer’s response because he understands this principle of truly never trusting in judging the experience and outcome as we have no f$&@ing clue what is about to come at us around the corner.

I suppose it’s optimism that keeps us in a state to receive whatever is coming our way. It’s learning lessons from the hard stuff we have gone through and understanding the good that came out of those dark times. In our most anxiety driven times what happened internally when we quit that job we hated? When we left that toxic relationship? When we experience death and loss. What happened during all those times? Is there resurrection too in all the heartache? Yes! There. Is!

I am becoming a believer in edifying my pain and embracing it full on. There are so many lessons of growth if we aren’t judging the experiences we are having as good or bad. Understanding our pain and emotional state and sitting with that pain being okay and knowing it will pass! There is a lesson, like a choose your own adventure story unfolding. It is our attitude in life that carries us through. Trusting the universe for everything coming at us is an appointment with our optimism and how we choose to perceive this life as good or bad or an amazing journey we are not in control of and that’s okay.




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