Thank you silence


Standing in a moment that is really painful and accepting everything you are experiencing in your body, the tightness in your chest, the coldness in your feet, the feeling of sadness radiating from your heart center that seems to hang over you like a grey cloud, without fixing judging or changing anything in that moment, only acceptance that all these uncomfortable feelings are present and you accept that moment for all it holds, is called self compassion.

Life is full of ups and downs, the world is changing everyday, we cannot control our external circumstances. We can only control how we respond to these circumstances. It is very normal for us to resist feelings that are painful or when we physically don’t feel great, we don’t want to feel it. We want to push against it and resist those feelings. Our critical voice comes in to let us know we are blowing it hard core. Our voice of what we think will motivate us to move forward shows up, this false friend salutes and takes over barking orders and letting you know how many times you have sucked and failed causing the endless push against everything we feel and the consumption of our endless poisons to numb that voice.

The freedom we can experience in this life is in acceptance of these painful and uncomfortable feelings. It  is what monks, Buddhism, yogi and every spiritual teacher teaches us about. When we can accept that it’s normal for us to go through pain, suffering, challenges in this every changing world. We have a choice how we will get through it fighting and resisting  or having acceptance along this path. It’s not easy. It’s tons of forgiveness for ourselves , it’s tons of letting go of controls that totally don’t work, its acceptance that our reality lives in this moment. When life is really hard sometimes we need to live moment by moment. How do we eat an elephant? Bite by bite.

Just because we feel horrible sometimes does not make that our reality forever even though it feels like time stopped and we got dropped off in the twilight zone. We also aren’t defined by what we consider our failures.  It means in this time of life it’s super hard. The self compassion is letting yourself know this too shall pass. You have made it 💯 percent to this point. It’s firing our critical voice and ushering in our voice that soothes and reminds us of our amazing times we have had on this journey too, how many times we did succeed, how many hard times we have already made it through. It’s allowing yourself to be human and consider your failures lessons. For me, this is my connection to yoga. Yoga is meditative poses, some poses hurt like a mother f”?!er sometimes. To breathe through the pain and accept the physical pain helps me also allow the channel of emotional flow too. Sometimes I cry during yoga. It helps to breathe when you feel crazy emotional it resets our brain. Breathe is our most powerful tool.

I am really learning that acceptance  of the moment is where life is abundant and full of gratitude. Channeling this new calm, supportive and accepting voice opens a door to hope that this too shall pass and not only that but greater things are to come and in the horizon. Happiness and abundance is possible, it lives in total acceptance of the awesomeness of this life and the depths of hell we crawl through that we learn more about ourselves from than anything else, we have to have gratitude for those lows, we evolved, that’s the point of this life. Go blow it and give yourself a high five and a hug and a reminder that doesn’t define you!



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