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IMG_0081.JPGRecently I was shown this model that made perfect sense to me when it comes to the origin of emotional triggers. Within each of us we have a core belief system about ourselves, a truth we have come to know and many times we aren’t conscious of and can be detrimental to us if our core belief is negative about ourselves. Negative Core beliefs that no one cares, I don’t matter, I don’t have value, I am messed up, are a few examples.

When a trigger happens it is rooted from this core belief about ourselves that starts forming around age 2.  It doesn’t mean when we are going through a difficult situation that is triggering that it doesn’t hurt, the pain we are feeling is very validated and real. Many times we obsess about the person who caused this trigger instead of looking at the core belief we have about ourselves that was actually triggered by that person and the negative core belief being validated is where this pain is shooting from. It’s not to say or excuse someone from treating you poorly but the depths of pain  we are feeling are actually coming from is our negative core belief system being triggered in the situation we are in.

Why is this important? If we aren’t in awareness of our core beliefs about ourselves  and we become triggered it starts a process called build up. It starts the depression cycle of feeling victimized, anger, blaming, expecting the worst, not feeling hope that things will improve, isolation and avoidance becomes our best friend. It feels like time has stopped and we are stuck in this intensity of all these emotions and feel extremely victimized.

Left in that build up state for too long can lead us down the road to the act out phase where suicidal thoughts and maybe even follow through by attempting suicide,  feeling all these emotions without going back to the original source which is our negative core belief system.

We can also jump into pretending everything is normal, we feel fear and guilt when triggered,  this is the justification phase. That also comes from core beliefs and handling it through justification to those negative core beliefs.

We can change our negative core beliefs if we know what they are, how they got there. We can affirm a new positive core belief system that enables us to not be triggered by someone else and their choices. We can rid ourselves of this defeating message from the past, to see clearly and not become triggered by the negative core belief system but empowered by a new real time positive core belief system and validating our truth in who we are today.







3 thoughts on “Cycle

  1. beavoicefororphans says:

    This makes a lot of sense! It shows the need to adjust or change our core beliefs to be stronger in being kind to ourselves and ready to stand against the negative emotions that lead to depression and possible suicidal ideation. Way to be a voice to help those in need!

    • Thank you, super personal in my life. Suicide is so rampant to the point there is an artist who partnered with the suicide prevention hotline number 1-800-273-8255 is the name of the song in the top 10 music charts. My father took his life 3 years ago. If we can understand ourselves in our negative core beliefs and if we are prone to depression and the root system of that, there is hope. Suicide is the most painful thing I have ever experienced! We are not our mistakes, we are not defined by our pasts or what people have called us or told us who we are. We are the creators of our core beliefs in the now and all the great things we are presently doing and living in a state of gratitude instead of lack and rejection . There is great hope in that💕 Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. beavoicefororphans says:

    Yes, you’re right on! I am sorry to hear about your dad!! Praying for you. Glad to know you are going about that loss in a positive light and direction…

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