What are you thinking?


Our thoughts are powerful, they are so powerful that the existence we are living, is created out of them. Do you realize how much we think about the future and problems we aren’t having and coming up with solutions with how to fix those problems, we might have? That is not what is happening in the moment. That is a thought. That is all it is. If we recognize this, we can dismiss the thought and tell ourselves that is not happening right now, that is a fear and tell ourselves out loud, I feel scared and walk through the wave of the feeling and not resist it, we will feel better and be able to be present in what we are actually experiencing in the moment. It is amazing to me how much resistance I sometimes feel and I want to run away from that feeling, but I know if I just let the feeling come over me I can move on to thoughts about where I am and what I am actually doing in the moment.

I visualize this cage that has been around my thought life, through the traumas of life I have gone through and blogged about, it has brought me to a place of seeking truth. I knew what the depths of depression felt like loss,grief and hopelessness. I have always felt like there is more to life than material gain, being famous and really wanted to experience freedom and happiness. We live in a very negative world and bad things are happening all around us and the media focuses on them constantly. We focus on things we can’t control that is outside of us. We have been taught to be happy from external sources and in trying to please everyone and live in things we have told us make us happy ,we can’t hear ourselves anymore. When I started practicing yoga and meditation and shutting everything out I allowed myself to observe my thoughts without judgement and let them flow, by doing this I was able to start identifying future, past thoughts quickly to pull myself into the present moment. Our brains are producing thoughts constantly and we are able to be in control of that. It does nothing but stress us out when we think of future problems, it isn’t happening ,it is just a thought. Past thoughts can rule our reality as well, we can live in the terrible things that have happened years ago, those are thoughts. We can dismiss those thoughts, that happened and it’s not right now or in this moment. Feel the feelings around those future and past thoughts, say the feeling out loud and walk through the feeling, there is major freedom in that. You can tell yourself that and bring ourself to the present moment. I have shut off the radio when I drive and I listen to podcasts of speakers talking about living this way.   I have tried to slow down on my social media because I know it is an external source and the true key to living this life is being authentically you; meaning living inside out. I haven’t watched the news in years, the negative is insane to me to focus on and I find value in not focusing on things I can’t control. When we can focus on things we can change, that is when we become affective. All of our energy is focused on that and not on what we can’t do to solve the problem or go to negative thinking that is ineffective and again just a thought, that can be dismissed. It is very powerful to sit in the moment and be totally focused on just that and not a future or past thought taking over,that is our control, this moment. it’s just a thought, what we do with it, is up to us.

Namaste ❤