Inspired by nature


There is nothing more beautiful to me than flowers. As a hair colorist, I use them as a guide for colors to be used together and patterns that are seamless. My Nana was an artist, she painted mostly with oils, she also made gorgeous silver jewelry. I have not spent much time painting on canvas but I do use the hair as a canvas and paint color into the hair.

My boyfriend, so wierd to say that, Lol, took me on a date to the Denver Botanic Gardens yesterday.  I can honestly tell you, that was hands down the best date I have ever been on. We both LOVE flowers, it is so great we share that passion, both of our mother’s were/are master gardeners. We took our time and strolled along the paths of perfectly placed stones for the bright colors of every flower imaginable,  to illuminate you on your journey through this paradise. We sat in these super comfy wicker chairs in a glass greenhouse, we sat on benches placed by ponds with  floating water lilies. We sat frequently because Craig’s toe was broken the evening before, by a very large toolbox that rolled over his second toe, helping a friend move. He was a trooper through the whole thing.


My parents spent their summers in their garden that endlessly grew from flowers and a bird sanctuary,  to ponds, vegetables, fruits, a handmade gazebo my father built, a haven for their grandchildren to practice archery or  shooting BB guns. The peace I feel around flowers is inarticulate ,  just a deep sense of being taken care of by the universe. My dad took his life a year ago in this sanctuary he built for himself.  I can not imagine another place for him that is more perfect to move to the next path he is on in the universe. I imagine him laughing his big contagious laugh as he gives bear hugs to his mom and dad and all our relatives that have passed on,  men who served with dad in Vietnam, and his friends. Every time I look at a flower I have a deep connection with my parents and the love passed down to me through them.

I sold my house of 12 years recently and miss my garden so much!garden picture

Thankfully,Craig is in the process of a total remodel of his entire backyard ,that includes these incredible plants to attract butterflies. They are already coming , I am so grateful that I can participate in this project with him, to get my hands in the dirt.

I will leave you with what inspired me yesterday for colors. I have found that when we find something we are passionate about in this life we really start to live the gifts that have been given to us. I am so happy right now in my life and have found freedom, the emotions tied to this  has created a artistic flame I can’t say I have experienced before. I am very grateful and choose daily to not live in fear but trust that everything will be provided for in the perfect moment by living in the moment and day by day.


Namaste ♡


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