Because it’s funny

The other day a client brought her dog into the salon, which is not uncommon anymore, kinda like children for many people. I think they are actually called emotional companions.

Her dog was sitting on her lap, dressed in an expensive knit pastel cream, blue, and pink sweater, while I applied her color. I bent down to pet the dog, when I heard this “grrrr” come from the dog’s mouth. My hand quickly pulled away; in my home what that sound means coming from my dog’s mouth is “get the f$!# away now!” So when my client said, laughing, “that’s just him talking– do it again, you will see.” I felt confused and terrified simultaneously. I wanted to believe her, that her dog was talking to me, however in my experience with animals and growling it has never compelled me to engage any further, but the opposite.

So I just reminded myself my only job was her hair; I didn’t need to be brave or prove something, so I just said, “I really need to get some stuff done, what a cute dog.”  $T2eC16ZHJIQE9qUHuEnPBRb+1rEDlQ~~60_3


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