This thought about listening, made me think as humans we tend to listen to react, instead of listening to hear. I am guilty of this. Awareness is our number one friend, if we see our behavior we can change it. The key, I think is to go into situations on purpose to find out what is being said in the correct context it is being given. Let the other person completely finish their thought before speaking, ask questions if we aren’t clear, don’t assume.

Also don’t personalize what is being said. Listen from the most objective point of view. Everyone is the star in their own movie. People are absorbed in their own lives just like we are in ours. Just with that objective we can hear them speak, hear their voice, hear the tone being used, just listen. An incredible thing happens when we are still in ourselves and focused on listening, empathy comes in for that person and what they are going through. Communication happens when we are at work, drama is avoided because we did not assume but asked questions to be clear in what was being said.

When we have had conflict it usually involves a lack of listening on someone’s end. Today remember to just listen, it will bring peace like a river.

Namaste ♡



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