In the arms of an angel

Today was one of those days where I was completely caught off guard.

This morning my daughter and I went to her best friends mother’s funeral.  She was 45 years young. She had cancer in her digestive tract and it took her life ten days ago.

I have not been to many funerals in my life and the last one I attended was for my dad in May after he took his life. After today I know I was in shock when we buried him. The second I sat down today in this packed service,  the tears just would not stop. Yes, they were for her family and her but they were for my dad too.

It was a beautiful service that told her story, how she lived her life, she was loved and she loved greatly.  Her 16 year old twins now have no mother. My heart is just broken for them! The part I will never let go of is when they played Angel by Sarah Mcmachlan in her memory. We were each given a paper angel, we wrote her name on it and decided to put it on our Christmas tree to remember her every year.

I held her daughter so tight and promised her mom in that moment, I would make sure she would have someone if she wants, to hold her like her mama and encourage her through this life. Her mom now in the arms of an angel.

It makes me realize how precious this life is. Our words matter, our love matters.

Namaste ♡wpid-spiritual-1.jpg.jpeg


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