Lately I have been trying to really process that I have two choices when I get up and start my day. One is to live out of fear and make choices,  the other is to love and make choices from that.

My words hold incredible powers, so do yours, like a double edged sword, it has the power to destroy or edify.  When I am negative,  I literally feel the energy being zapped from me. When I am loving energy is there in abundance. Gossiping or talking about someone is like spreading poison to one another to defend our point of view. We are conditioned or taught to behave this way,  it is a normal way to communicate when we are upset.

However,  if you notice it doesn’t really fill you up to talk poorly about someone even if they are hurting you. That is coming from their perspective and projection of what they are feeling, their truths, their story. I am learning I don’t have to take that personal. It doesn’t faze me if I don’t.  What I think we get hung up on is if we believe something that was said in hurtful words, that was already bothering us ourselves. We can change that too.

Sanctuary has been a place for people to go for safety throughout time. Lately, I have thought a lot about my home being a sanctuary for my family.  A safe zone from the world.  A place where everyone has a voice and is safe from judgements, opinions, or unkind interactions and words.  I do believe this is a reality,  we may have to use the reset button many times to develop a habit of living this way, as we have been conditioned or taught differently how to act negatively for a long time.

I have lately been trying to get up early and prepare a hot breakfast for my kids before school, daylight savings helps a ton. I remember when my mom would cook breakfast for us and the feeling of warmth of the kitchen and her love. I really want my kids to feel that way. That is sanctuary.

We have a grey blanket that is super fuzzy and awesome,  the dogs even love it, when someone is not feeling physically or emotionally well they get the blanket. It circulates frequently and has become very special.  That is sanctuary.

If my kids are in trouble, I have learned it is best that they are punished once, not over and over for one mistake. They already are beating themselves up about it. They can correct that mistake Without numerous discussions or punishments. That is sanctuary.

Fresh flowers have been a huge must have in my life for a long time, they are alive and bursting with color and shapes to warm your soul. The smell is unique to each flower and is phenomenal. That is Sanctuary.

Essential oils are the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I bathe in them, have them in diffusers to mix for the mood I want to create. That is sanctuary.

Abundance and gratitude flow from this thinking of sanctuary as it grows from respect and love.  In the end we can only control ourselves and are only responsible for what comes out of our mouths and our actions. We can only make ourselves happy. If we live with a thought that other people control our happiness, we are giving that power away. Everyday is a new day, we can even press restart all day too if it starts heading south. Life can be amazing even if our circumstances are not.

Namaste ♡


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