The human condition


A perfect analogy of the human condition; the lotus flower blooming in mud.
As I practice mindfulness, meditation and radical acceptance this picture unfolds of beauty from ashes. We all go through hard things in life, however we respond uniquely to how we handle those events emotionally. I am learning that thoughts dictate most of our experience here on earth, our brains are made to produce thoughts. A lot of those thoughts my brain wants to spend time on are not necessarily beneficial to my well being. We cannot travel back in time so why do we spend so much time thinking about the past?
Radical acceptance is a practice of thinking from the start ,that life is always changing, events that took place happened,  instead of asking why am I going through this, or putting blame on a person, you accept the tragedy happened. You feel the feelings of loss, hurt, shame, or whatever emotions are surfacing. This practice of radical acceptance always has to accompany meditation to return to breathing as the anchor when overwhelmed with the feeling or thought, not judging the thought or feeling just observing and labeling the thoughts and feelings. That is a worry thought, a planning thought, etc. Feeling feelings and labeling them that is loss, fear, hurt, etc,  dismissing the thought or feeling to return to the anchor of breathe.
When people tell us to breathe in a crisis or trauma, that is the best idea. Our brains will take us on journeys that aren’t necessarily helpful to us in that moment. To have a place of focus which is breathing ,helps us to recognize the moment we are in currently and helps refocus our attention on what is actually happening. I am sitting in a chair, I am at work or I am having a conversation with someone or I am walking in a room, I should turn a light on to see where I am going.
I am finding that most of my experience in life has been walking through rooms in the dark. I bump into things because I can’t see what is in the room.
Living in the moment helps me to see the good things in life.  If we spend time ruminating on the negative, it is hard to see the positive.  I typically don’t enjoy Fall because I spend so much time dreading Winter. This season of Fall has blessed us with an Indian summer. The colors of amber, orange, rust, reds, and yellow foliage just scream at me when I am walking or driving. I am not sure if the colors are brighter due to the heat or if I never payed attention before? I am thrilled I noticed.
Namaste ♡


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