Practicing mindfulness and living in the moment is awesome, because you are there in your experience. This picture is symbolic for the boat being the brain and the anchor is mindfulness. If the boat is being tossed around by the winds and tides and swells of waves, it is far from the anchor. If the brain is thinking a multitude of things except what is happening in that moment, it becomes tossed liked the boat far from being grounded. How many times have you driven somewhere and arrive at your destination in shock, because your brain took over and you thought the entire drive?
  It makes time efficient, for example ; while showering, thinking about the water running down your back, wash your hair, smell the shampoo, pay attention to shaving your legs. There is a reason ladies we have so many shower razor scars. Lol. Being aware of what we are experiencing in the shower instead of it as a think tank. I have noticed I have felt like I’ve spent more time in the shower when I’m aware of everything but in actuality it took me less time and I got more accomplished.
I have choosen to delete my social media to accomplish this goal to stay mindful and in the moment and not on my phone. In my experience with this so far I stay away from technology quite a bit unless necessary.  I do not miss It to be honest. I am enjoying my conversations, my food, my family. I am there, it makes me so much happier.

Namaste ♡



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