Wait, are they what?


Today was a perfect sunny  80 degree day. I decided to take Copeland and my daughter to lunch so we could sit on the patio and enjoy these last warm days fall has given us ,before we get bitch slapped with the cold and we are shacked up in our houses for several months.
Anyways, as we are walking towards the restaurant we walk by the skate shop and of course my daughter knows the owner who was having a smoke outside, she knows everyone, seriously, he said, ” whoa, you had a baby, when did this happen?” She answered,”  six weeks ago.” She looks amazing and doesn’t have one stretch mark. Ridiculous! He then turns to me and says,” are you her sister? ” I laugh and say,”no, momma.” This happens frequently to us when we are out in public, people are so interested in our relationship to each other,  like this for example.
We finally say our goodbyes to skater dude and got settled in on the patio.  We sat next to a couple with a toddler with them, we conversed with them for quite some time, absorbing the rays from the sun. At some point my daughter mentioned I was her mom to the gentleman,  and his wife laughed out loud and said” I thought you were a lesbian couple, you two synchronize with the baby like your a couple. So we get that too.
Last night though Copeland sat on our laps and smiled and cooed at us. My daughter said,” she thinks we are the parents.” I said ,”we are, noone has told her different,  she just knows that we take care of her and love her.”
Imagine a world that lacked such black and white thinking, a society that did not feel the need to Categorize everyone.  Grey ,I have learned is where truth lives and everyday to be mindful of what my brain ruminates upon is in my control and is very powerful in my decision making and my ability to know I can keep going. I have written about my tragedies, I allowed it to affect me negatively in the end. I quit, I gave up.  I understand  cognitively how to do this but I will strive to live more mindfully and write about funny shit more often.

Namaste ♡



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