An ode to my best friend forever


It is my best friend’s birthday today. She is 40, a big year for us. A milestone of surviving life anyway.
We met in kindergarten.  My mom was her teacher. I was blown away at her connection with the earth. She would get in the dirt and play with bugs and be fine to be dirty.
It is funny now because she runs a town basically by herself. She is the strongest human I have yet to meet. Smart, wise, beautiful, down to earth person you will meet. She is virgo so she is an earth sign, they are grounded people.  She like me is ruled by mercury,  which rules communication. She is an introvert, so you aren’t going to see her in the spotlight.  She runs everything without all the fluff or recognition she truly deserves.
This is my gift to her because she deserves a huge shout out for being who she is. I have known her 35 years. The stories are endless of what we have done together. Most of them I won’t put in writing because she has a reputation to keep at work. All I will say is we have had some fun crazy times I will never forget.
Right now I am in a dark, numb space that I can’t seem to break out of. Loosing my dad makes me see how much I am like him. I lost my family the day he took his life. She has taken my hand and keeps pulling me along this path of life. She decided a long time ago when I was another dark place she was going to protect me. She always has.  She always will.
She was at Copeland’s ( my first grandchild) birth, it was amazing.  She is my oldest daughter’s godmother and was at my bedside when I gave birth to her at 18. She has moved, housed me and raven countless times. I have heard people tell me,” I am a bury the body kind of friend.” I get that statement.  She truly is the only person I would call when my life splinters and derails and know for sure she would be right by my side EVERY time.
She is my family, my sister, my best friend. I love you girl! Happy Birthday! 


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