I’m only human; born to make mistakes



Interesting, but I don’t agree! This is a pretty black and white perspective. The world I am finding I would like to live in and not visit only occasionally, is the grey perspective.   People tell me how strong I am daily and have been told that most of my life. I have survived a lot of things in my life, usual and unusual. I am pretty much an open book about my life. I don’t share because I feel strong but the opposite I feel weak. In my experience being honest about what is really going on in your life is refreshing to most folks.

  The goal of writing isn’t strength it is healing. It is an outlet so I won’t self destruct in some unhealthy way, which I have traveled that road too. Statistically people who write through trauma are able to process and move on heal in half the time. I am super interested in leaving the depths of emotional hell as soon as possible.  I have found healing to be like a slow cooker or crock pot meal instead of a microwave dinner. The more spices, time and low heat in a slow cooker produces a hearty, healthy meal, as a matter of fact it is the healthiest way to cook meat. No carcinogens. Time is your best friend!

Some people are private and they don’t want people to judge them or know their shit. I really don’t enjoy judging people who are grieving or enjoy being judged during the process myself.   When you write to the Internet it is not a platform of privacy. I have been fortunate to not have people be rude or thoughtless on WordPress!  Every person has a choice to get through this crazy life however they want. Talking or silence, supported or living in isolation. It is your choice,  I am not going to judge you.

The truth I have come to know; whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.The end! And I am a hairdresser,  EVERYONE most people tells their hairdresser the truth about drama.
We are suffering worldwide!

I have officially been blogging a year, five months on a small blogging site and moved to WordPress in December.  Due to the content of my blog and truly having a motivation of healing through writing,  being on a small blog site felt like I was being punched in the face for this motivation and style of writing. I think they called it, “Whining”. Freedom of speech, yay. Anyways I left that blogging site just like I am leaving any relationship I feel triggers shame, disrespect, or anything that looks remotely abusive.

WordPress actually acknowledges mental health blogs for healing and promotes people to tag their writing’s, so that others that are doing the same thing can connect with each other’s writings. Pretty rad!

I can tell you blogging has not made me give a shit at all about what people think of me. Truly, I can walk around with my head held high through trials and defeats. I am just a human anyways. That is the expectation; get through the day, be present, love the stupid shit, laugh, cry, hug, whatever gets you through the fucking day, wins!

Namaste ♡


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