Our justice system


I am sure everyone has felt this way at one time or another, I have for sure.

The other day I took my mom to court for the ticket she received in a car accident she was in that was her fault. I thought we were going to be in traffic court and not be there for long. Oh no, that is not what happened at all.

I now understand the show Judge Judy much better, I don’t like that show, but I did find this court experience highly entertaining, maybe because it was in person and it was similar,  the judge was definitely giving his two cents. I have been fortunate in my life to not get caught when doing something illegal and I haven’t had bad car accidents or tickets. I am knocking on every piece of wood I can find right now saying that because if you read my blog regularly, you know the bad luck, mojo, karma, testing, etc we have gone through the last six months.

We get to the court room in this magnificently huge courthouse after getting through security,  mom would not throw out her nail scissors and was putting up a fight to the point a security guard put the scissors in his pocket, smiled at mom and said, ” they will be right here, when you are done.” Patting his pocket. There were at least  fifty people sitting there in the long benches waiting to hear their name called from the D.A. or Judge, plus prisoners on one side of the courtroom wearing different colors jumpers from the county jail sitting in handcuffs.  I am thinking,  ‘ shit, mom is
in a lot of freaking trouble.’

We finally get called by the district attorney to talk to him. This drives me CRAZY; he informs us he has no idea what has happened in mom’s case,  the paperwork just got put in his hand. He finds out the details from us but has to contact the person mom hit and tells mom what he thinks she will recieve for points etc and sends us out to wait to talk to the judge.

We sat through a domestic abuse case with a woman requesting a restraining order from a man in handcuffs, sporting the classic orange jumper from the prison spring collection. What a douchebag, this guy, listening to this woman talk made me want to punch this man.  Then we listened to a petty theft charge which turned out to be epic because she is kleptomaniac and this was far from her first offense. Followed by two driving under the influence charges, one guy got time as this was his fourth dui. One guy showed up drunk and told the judge ,”his gum had a strong odor and he was NOT DRUNK “. Not that it was apparent  to all fifty of us witnessing this against our will, through his slurred speech or inability to stand without help that his sobriety might be in question.   He went mia as soon as he was asked to to do a pee test.

Finally mom got called. The judge gave her another court date after they look into the case. She got into a head on collision, it was her fault. My dad committed suicide the week before,  I don’t think she was paying attention.   The end. Nope, more to come. We have to go back. Two and a half hours for that bullshit.  No really, I have nothing else to do in my life. I love how the courts feel that way.

Anyhow sitting there listening to everyone’s drama with the law made me feel so grateful for getting away with everything I have done so far. It also made me realize how bad I would look in any of those jail jumper colors.  I think the ladies should wear pastels.  Just kidding!

So the funniest part to the story is when when we were leaving the courthouse,  mom started yelling for the security guard for her nail scissors,” I need  those back!!!” He ran to her with her beloved scissors.  The end. Ha!

Namaste ♡


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