Dear stork, when will you bring copeland?


Today was my daughter’s thirty three week appointment for baby Copeland. Next week marks the date that if Copeland decides to make her entrance earlier than expected,  there will be no medical intervention to stop the labor. With hyperemesis which is the technical term for all the barfing and nausea my daughter has ,can also contribute to preterm labor. Holy shit!! Not really holy, baby shit!! Lol!

The midwife (who is so chill and awesome!) told us,’ her heart murmur was not detected today’. Yay!!!! Mama has gained six ounces in two weeks which is impressive if you saw the amount of ounces in puke, comparably.

My daughter is on three medications
for nausea and vomiting.  She has been hospitalized six times for dehydration, which is normal with hyperemesis. Last week was one of the worst so far. It was decided today to do whatever necessary for mom and copey to gain weight.  Copeland is at four pounds which is great but she needs to be gaining a lot more weight before birth due to the altitude we live in. We live in no oxygen. Some extreme holistic choices were made today in efforts for her to gain weight and stop the vomiting. I hope make a difference! Please send your prayers and good vibes, thoughts for them both to the gaining weight god. She has gained fifteen pounds six ounces. My prayers is she gain seven more pounds.


Sunday we are having the baby shower.  We are keeping the French theme for the decorating and having a backyard swimming pool ,barbecue. At least  interesting, we are known for making things ghetto- fabulous. We call it creative. Pictures to come for sure.

The next week we gut the room for remodel so that we know we are ready for her.  Not really copey,  but mom’s crazy nesting thing every pregnant women goes through.

It is ironic to be playing the part of the spouse to my daughter since baby daddy went missing in action. Kudos to all the dads out there doing this duty for their baby mommas. Placating emotional meltdowns, running to fast food restaurants or king soopers late at night, I know most of the evening shift people at the store.  I complain to them.  They now say, “awwe ,pickles and queso, tonight .*chuckling* Or whatever weird craving she is having.

I am so supportive of my daughter’s decision to give birth naturally in a birthing center. I am super happy that the midwife told my daughter, “statistically women who have a doula,  they are not emotionally connected too have the best rates of successful natural birth, and any woman about to give birth questions her abilities to do it naturally.” That takes major pressure off me, whew! My daughter while angry assults on verbal levels that makes it difficult to react calmly. I get it ,her situation sucks, she feels physically like shit, her hormones are CRAZY. I have walked in these shoes myself,  this kind of footwear requires an ear at all times to verbalize the emotional and physical pain. I think having a doula is perfect,  She will have the ability to calm her correctly and not react to her emotional state.

Getting excited for her arrival.  She is why I get out of bed. Healing slowly.

Namaste ♡


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