Tres belle


Today was so freaking hot, it was amazing.  I am always freezing, thrilled the sun has taken over the cold and there is no snow.Yay!
I took my eighth month pregnant daughter shopping today for baby Copeland goods. Rae is at the point where she is waddling when she walks. It is pretty cute.
We fell in love with this french circus theme. My daughter loves elephants and was trying to find a theme apart from just elephants, now we have a  cirque du soleil. Tres belle, we found it.
One of my good friends is an amazing seamstress,  I feel weird calling her that because she has a relationship with fabric. She creates like a spider spinning a web. She is so creative and speaks with this eloquence I would die to sound like and she is a poet on top of all her talents. She told me she was making baby Copeland a handmade French quilt.  Oh my God!  Awesome! I think we should frame it when coco is older. I love that no matter how much my friend gets knocked down in this life, she gets up and keeps going and thrives because she keeps learning and growing, she tries, hard! Women are powerful, she has taught me that. Love her ♡!
With each passing day I realise that good things are happening all around me, as much as the shitty things.


Tuesday my daughter had a diagnostic ultra sound because they thought baby Copeland had a heart murmur and mama was measuring 2 cm too small for 31 weeks. It turns out that Copeland is for sure a girl, she gave us a nice crotch shot. Ha! Her heart is fine and she weighs four pounds. I can’t believe that is possible with all the throwing up and problems my daughter has had during this pregnancy, she has only gained 15 pounds so far, it is all Copeland.
  It goes to show you how much your body will take care of that little person.  It is mama who is miserable. I feel terrible for her, but we can count the days till coco is here and mama will feel better.
I believe we must as humans have something to look forward too and a reason to get out of bed every day. Copeland is huge in our world to move forward and love life again.
I also believe I am nesting. My house is so clean. Can that happen? Who knows,  life is bizarre.
Life goes on whither we want it to or not. The sun comes out to dry the land of its rainstorms.  The choice I realise I have is how I react to life and situations.  That’s it folks. That’s the control,  it doesn’t seem like much but to control your emotions, tongue and perspective is huge. At least for me.

Namaste ♡


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