2 thoughts on “Belize

  1. Two things I want to say to you really quickly. The first being that my favorite hemisphere of my mind is the left side, it does not name or label anything and seems to just to be content to BE. The second thing I want to impart is a reaction to your Poetic Justice post. I have a friend who passed away, I left tons of stuff unsaid and undone, and things I wish i could retract. I still dream of him. All I do now for him, is pray for him, just pray even tho he is gone. Pray that maybe I will meet him again someday, and we could be in peace. take care thank for your time!

    • ♡! We don’t know until we experience death, what that feels like. It is a shitty lesson. I just know the dead is fine, it is the living, it seems tormented. I know my dad loved me regardless of what I had said to him. Your friend I am sure loves you regardless too!

      Glad someone relates to the left operating system 🙂

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