Father’s Day


It has been five almost six weeks since my dad took his life. Tomorrow will be hard for sure! I am not used to him being gone, yet and this is our first holiday without him, a big one, all about the dads on this day. He missed my birthday two weeks ago.  That seemed to be okay,  as I am used to doing my own thing, that day.

Father’s day is about your dad, there is no escaping the intent or purpose of that day. I know it must be a hard day for a lot of people.* Sorry* and* hugs* to the father less, I feel your pain. 

My hubby is a daddy,  so the show must go on. We are celebrating Fathers Day  tonight with him, we are going out to eat. I know, super original idea.

The kids bought him a cool new tablet. Not really, I bought it ,but it’s from them, all 5 3/4 of them. My three children plus grand baby is 3/4 cooked, my daughter’s roommate from California, that moved back with her, lives with us and of course grandma,  my mom.


He deserves a medal for tolerating the heavy estrogen in our home. Not to mention he has become a huge male influence in my mom’s life, my daughter’s roommate and will be baby Copeland ‘ s main man. Baby daddy went m.i.a., a couple weeks a go.  All at the ripe age of 38 years old. I love this man for his patience.  He tries so hard. He encourages and cheerleads us girls through our stuff and lets us all know how beautiful we are everyday.

He rubs our pregnant daughter’s head, neck and feet. He calms our fifteen year old daughter down, ( need I say more to the parents of teenagers?) When she is being irrational, ( this happens daily. ) He  drives with her as well during the learner permit stage she is in, meaning, willing to be a passenger. His ability to be chill in that situation,  is awesome. I found permanent finger nail marks on the door handle, I hold onto for dear life in scary situations with her driving, instead of screaming at her.

Funny story; my 13 year old son and I were riding in the back seat of my audi, to a restaurant, my 15 year old daughter driving and hubby was riding shotgun. It was a bit of a turbulent ride ,due to the power braking and quick, head jerking acceleration of a very powerful engine, being fed a lot of gas at once. I heard my phone notification go off, I looked and saw a text from my son. It read,  “I am scared, mom!” I replied,  ” I am too,  pretend your on a ride at an amusement park,  close your eyes and hold my hand. ” I reached out to take his hand as we laughed with our eyes closed.


  Thank you, love! I fell in love with you all over again watching you in action with our family.  Your devotion and loyalty is admirable! So, I will make him read this tomorrow.  He does not read my blogs unless forced. He is a private person I am not. Ha!

Happy Father’s Day to all my male, daddy readers. You are the biggest influence on your daughter’s life. She will marry someone, the way you showed her love. You are a model for your son to follow.  These are some big shoes to fill. A special shout out to the single mom and dads doing double duty of mom and dad. Thank you for all your hard work and it will pay off! 

This father’s day I honor my dad for; teaching me to be real, never letting my head get big about myself, in his words, ” don’t toot your own horn.”  I am strong because of him.
Namaste ♡


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