Morning glory


This is a photo that clearly depicts our mornings,  with our oldest pregnant daughter.  She has hyperemesis, which is a condition one percent of pregnant women have. It is a complication in pregnancy where vomiting lasts the entire pregnancy, and includes dehydration,  and intractable nausea.   She is 29 weeks and every morning this is her view of the world; the toilet bowl.

She told me,” she is never having another child.” I don’t blame her for feeling  that way. I had bad pregnancies too. I still did it three times. *crazy*

Did you know women release a chemical after birth that makes them forget the experience of pain in delivery? 

Now that we feel the need as a society to photograph and video everything, I don’t know how that affects memories of pain?

We are so excited to meet Copeland kai! My daughter is planning on having her at home. That will be such an awesome experience if mom and baby are healthy enough to do that.


One thing we decided about baby Copeland,  is she will be on our person the first six weeks of life.  I had this baby sling made in Belize for her. She is planning on co sleeping with her. I am glad my chic hippie ways have rubbed off finally.

I am totally turning into a grandma, I brought back more from Belize for baby than my own children.  I hear that is normal.

Today my gratitude: is baby is healthy, hiccuping, and active. We are so looking forward to meeting you Copland kai.♡


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