Blessed, not so much

‘I didn’t feel blessed anymore.  The blessed ones are the ones who walk away from accidents. They’re the ones who almost got killed, but don’t.  They’re the ones on get sick then recover. That’s what we are taught.’

‘That’s how being blessed feels.
One of the first things to go when we experiance loss is that feeling of being blessed. People feel blessed when they escape the jaws of death because they swerved in the neck of time and missed getting hit by the bus.’

‘It’s not as easy to feel blessed when the accident happens and you become a quadriplegic. Or you declare bankruptcy and loose the house. Or the person dies and there’s no story to tell, or at least not one that anyone wants to hear.’

‘ It’s hard to call those things the loving hand of God.’

Melody Beattie- The Grief Club


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