The road back home

” whatever we don’t have isn’t the missing piece. The moments we live for their own sake turn to moments of joy. Something way more profound and lasting than happiness is peace.” 

“The way you want to feel again is the way you you’d feel if it never happened,  trauma keeps you locked in, stops you from doing what you were going to do when you got hit with the traumatic event.”

“Surrender to everything,  even being traumatized. It’s paradoxical. Surrendering means we loose control, but it gives us control too. It restores our connection to ourselves, God, life. We become aligned.”

” Big loss- the stuff that changes us and our lives forever-can be called initiation. Spiritual lessons we go through as we work our way back to God. The illusion is that we are separate.  Our oneness is what’s real. Initiations wake us up to that. Loss and change can be sacred turning points.”

” All the trials and tensions of the world take us back behind our ego where the divine self is waiting. Each of us is a piece of the Divine.  Pain and loss initiate us to our oneness with each other, God, and life. Nothing can separate from us from God, no matter how alone we feel.”

” when we’re most lost is when we’re most guided.”

Melody Beattie- The Grief Club


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