How bizarre, how bizarre

Yesterday ,I took my mom to her first doctor’s appointment, since she got out of the hospital, Saturday. She blows my mind, she broke her sternum,  5 ribs and had water around her heart from the car accident. The doctor told me she looks great and is so healthy for a seventy year old.   She is such a trooper! We will go next week for x rays and get a plan for what she can do on her own to gain some independence.

Mom and I went to have lunch following her appointment. We were leaving the restaurant and mom stopped with her walker to put on her light jacket, because it was raining.  I was looking at the traffic out on the street as she was doing this. A truck smaller in size, rusted blue paint and filled to the gills with stuff, caught my attention.

A man was smiling at me from the passenger window,  I smiled back. I saw him waving his arms, but looked away to help mom walk to the car , that was in a parking garage.  I saw the truck pass us and pull into the parking garage. I didn’t think anything about it.

Mom and I were almost to the car when suddenly the passenger jumped out of the truck and came running toward me. He grabbed my hand, “my name is Andre.” He dropped to one knee with my hand in his and looked into my eyes and said, ” you are the hottest woman I have ever laid eyes on, I am moving here in August,  promise you will please let me take you out?”

I have never in my life had this happen to me. I was caught off guard completely. I laughed out loud because this is happening in front of my mom, I hadn’t showered,  I was wearing my glasses and converse sneakers with a light leather coat on. I have been dressed to the nines and this has never happened. As I was laughing, I explained that ,’I was very flattered but I was married.’

He got up off his knee and said,” that is the most disappointing thing I have heard.” He grabbed my hand to look at my wedding ring. ” Beautiful ring, I wish you the best. ” He walked away from us with his buddy.

Once I had gotten mom and I in the car she looked at me and said, ” That has happened many times to me in my life.” I was impressed,  mom was a hottie in her youth. I told her that ,” I had never experienced that.” She said, “desperate man.” Ha!


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