The Goldfinch got me thinking

I have been reading the book, The Goldfinch. The dialogue and description is outstanding. The storyline is captivating.  I find myself with my nose in this book ,with any spare time I have.

It is a tragic tale, but it has this truism to it. Life is not fair.  I love the paradoxes that run through the whole book.

One specifically caught me. Two characters are to marry. They both love someone else. They both have their motives for why they are marrying the other one, instead of their true loves.

One angle is to marry someone who does not have your heart ,so it cannot be broken. If your heart gets broken it somehow seems you won’t recover, ever.

My thought is, the grass is always greener.  Whatever hasn’t been fulfilled you always wonder about? Your heart pines for the unknown. It is mysterious. It is the thoughts that increase this obsession. The author is great at detailing this ocd behaviour with the thought processes of the characters.

Love exists truly with two people trying in a relationship. It is being the right person.  It has intention. It isn’t magical.
It isn’t sex in the hallway because you can’t stand another second not being in each other.  It is comfortable.  It is being known and accepted.  It is good sex, it is sex with a person that you know every inch of their body.  It is time that has given you this knowledge.  It is years of intimacy that you know exactly how to move together perfectly synchronized.  It is like decadent chocolate or fine wine. It satisfies. 

When they are away from you, you know when to expect them home.  You know when to get concerned if they aren’t home. It is being known for both people,  the good, the bad. The looks on each other’s faces to know what they are thinking.

Complacency becomes a dangerous threat, if time is not given to the relationship. We just booked my birthday trip to Belize with just the two of us. I am looking forward to it, we have never done this in 17 years.

This is a awesome read!


4 thoughts on “The Goldfinch got me thinking

  1. I love THE GOLDFINCH. You nailed it right about the incredible dialogue and descriptive detail. I especially love the deep thoughts, like yours, that spawn from reading this outstanding book.

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