Deja vu


The universe baffles me constantly.  I am choosing to laugh ,so that I don’t have a mental breakdown. 

Four years ago the young man pictured above lived with us. He was homeless and dating our daughter.  So, we let him move in. It humors me to look back on my mentality of being able to help and save someone by loving them. I could save him, I thought.  Long story short, it  did not end well and he moved out.


Fast forward to present.  He is the father of my daughters child. They had a thing in December before she moved to California, and got the surprise in Jan she was pregnant. That little girl will be born in August.

My husband hired him full time to work for him. They worked together in the past, and that went well. He agreed to pay for some of my daughter’s expenses. Old school we are as parents.

My daughter was planning on staying in California and trying to do it on her own, but is so sick with the pregnancy that she needs to move home. She will be here Monday.  I am thrilled beyond words to have her home. I am super excited about being a grandma. Being able to hold a tiny little person.

See where I am going with this story? He works here every day and she will now live here. It seriously feels like we are going back in time. I just think it’s too coincidental that this is all orchestrated so perfectly.  Why him? Why now? I don’t get it. I am just trying to accept it. What better way than shouting it to the internet.  Ha!


13 thoughts on “Deja vu

  1. congrats on soon being a grandma! Sounds like the young man and lady are doing what they need to do to make things work and be practical. Great start – seems like they’ve learned from you guys – well grounded 🙂

  2. They grow up so damn quick, don’t they? We have 4 teenagers from 18 to 13, two now with drivers licences…I swear they were babies just yesterday. Blessings and peace upon you and yours Shauna. Respect REDdog

      • I am loving the thought of being grandma, more every day. My husband said yesterday, ” you are going to be doting on that baby with the way you are with the dog.”
        I am excited to have a youngen that wants to be around me. All my kids are teens and grown. All the fun stuff, they have outgrown.

      • I know, add people, add stories. I don’t know how long I will blog. It fills some weird hole right now. I really want to start writing fiction. I love the dialogue. Sometimes , most of the time, actually, I can’t believe I press post to the shit I write. We will see where the journey goes.

      • I’m along for the ride as long as it lasts and I’ll tell the story about it later. Write on, I say Shauna, write on!

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