This is my best friend of 35 years. We met in kindergarten.  She loved to play in the dirt and play with bugs, sometimes even eating them. We grew up in a small mountain town. The kind of town with many bars, and old 1800’s architecture.  It was an old mining town. There wasn’t much to do in this town. We came up with our own games, and spent a lot of time outdoors. We skied every weekend and snuck out of each houses to meet up with boys. She lived with me our freshman year of high school when moved to another town. That is how tight we were, I couldn’t handle a move without her. We ran away together, which I should tell that story in another post. We met each other in Europe as we got older. She is the Godmother of my oldest child. We have never lost touch.

Friday at 3am, she fell down her stairs and broke her right wrist and got a brain hemorrhage.  I went to see her at the hospital. She was alone. I couldn’t believe her husband went to work.  She was in a lot of pain and she was having memory problems,  not a good sign. I brought her some mint candy she wanted and lemonade.  Narcotics make you want that bite of flavor.

This morning she sent me this. I started crying.  It is strange that family and blood sometimes just don’t show up for us. The older I get the more  I realise how important my friends are. She has been there for me always. Especially after the shooting, diabetes, and  pregnancy my children went through at the same time. This woman has moved my shit countless times.


She told me she was going back to work.  I told her she was bat shit crazy. When you have brain trauma,  your brain needs to rest intellectually. She learned the hard way, when she went back and lost it.  Thankfully her butt is in bed and resting.

It is interesting how the universe has a plan. It is not our plan. Sometimes it tells us to stop everything immediately!  We don’t understand why? Things are not by chance. I am truly learning to let go more of my plans.  Things will be exactly what they are supposed to be. The trick is believing.  People are in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime.  She is my lifetime friend. ♥


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