I am in love with this new little snake. We have to take it Monday to find out the sex, before we name it. Any suggestions? 


My son has wanted his own pet for some time. He had a dwarf hamster that is only supposed to  live a year, max lived 18 months. It has been 4 years since max’s passing. This snake was the only agreed upon pet for our house. The criteria had to be: not noisy, smelly,  and we could leave alone if needed. Since the snake only eats once a week,  that was the perfect choice.


The only thing I dislike about the snake is it’s eating habits.  We have to feed it a baby mice once a week. Tiny, pink, eyes closed ,new born mice. Sad! We fed it Monday, I peeked in the bag, the mice and snake were in, and the mice  was halfway in it’s mouth.  Yuck!

My son is a bit of a loner. He also is going through puberty,  and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in December. I think this snake will give him something to take care of and love. The snake prefers my son already.  I am telling you, I would have never thought a snake would live in our home. My son and I joke ,that we used to be scared of needles too.  Our limits have been pushed in the fear department.

One thing about me is,  I am a stickler about respect.  Puberty and disrespect are like peanut and jelly.  I get that it is not personal but I believe if your child doesn’t respect you, they will never respect anyone. With each child I have handled it better and better without a lot of emotion attached to the response I give. I just won’t put up with it. The interesting thing about that is, that if I am being disrespectful to them, they do not tolerate it. It is powerful to see the boundaries you are planting in your kids.

I hope that this snake endeavor helps heal my son in some way. He has a duck tape business and makes a lot of money selling wallets, flower pens at school. He paid for the snake and the aquarium himself.  I think that helps make him feel totally responsible for it by paying for it.

I would love help with names. It’s demeaner is sweet. It doesn’t have to be a person name.


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