Self care

As part of my self care, I write everyday. My counselor told me that it was good for me , because I apparently care too much what people think of me. I laugh because I consider myself ‘self aware’, but it keeps coming up in sessions how much I compare myself or my life to others.   That doesn’t seem self aware to not recognize this going on .

Most of the time when I am writing ,I just want it to flow. I have been sending my writings to friends lately,  and asking them If it sounds like my voice?  I have had positive feedback,  which is awesome.  It is interesting to me, the pieces of writing that people seem to like.

Most days ,I feel I ramble on about whatever is going on. Today is therapy,  so I will see if this writing is helping at all.

Self care is a new concept to me. Doing it on purpose ,daily.  I have started


running or walking daily.  I also try to juice my vegetables most of the week days. I feel great,  but it consumes a lot of my time. I think that is why I don’t keep up with it. My garden has started blooming and have been working on that too. Everything I love to do is outside.  Thank God for nice weather!

I am thankful to anyone who reads my blog. I do my blog from my phone.  It is not fancy. Just sharing this life and all it’s ups and downs and try to find meanings to it all.


5 thoughts on “Self care

  1. I can so relate to this…I started my blog just as something to do for me, to give myself a place to express my thoughts. I have yet to actually share it w/ family & friends, mostly because the idea of having people follow it is so terrifying! 😉

    • Hey lady, so glad we reconnected in a way that helps us both, my high school mate. Yes, showing people your work is terrifying. I guess it does take the fear of what they care out. Your writing is beautiful!

  2. Hitting the “publish” button is definitely an exercise in courage! But pushing beyond the limits of what is comfortable is how we grow right!? I’m so happy to have your company on this journey & I love reading your blog!

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