Happy Easter

My family just left for church. I was a little upset by it earlier, that they don’t care if I go or not. I just can’t do the church thing anymore.

It is a system of legalism and falsehood. Church is about morality.  Are you improving?  No, I am not improving.  I am fairly open about that fact at Church,  it is not received well. The truth I know about God is that I am loved unconditionally. I am not loved more because I am improving.

Community is talked about as well as grace. Living that out in a Christian community is impossible I have found.  People do not want to be known.  There are walls up everywhere.  It is about a facade that we are to live in.

I can’t do it. I don’t want too. Jesus accepted prostitutes and tax collectors.  He never asked them to change their professions. He was about humility in people.  Broken people have humility , they are not proud. Jesus lost his mind on the self righteous. The Pharisees who were all about the law. That is the church today. Modern legalists.

Loving someone in your everyday life is Christianity.  Loving people brought into your life is Christianity.  It is not just an evangelist outreach or a missions trip.

The church requires a lot of money to function. All these outreaches and staff is expensive plus building space. The new testament says God loves a cheerful giver. That is it. It is not required of you to give monetarily to a church.

If your next door neighbor had cancer and you are helping her, amen!

That is the point, to live a messy life with other people having an equal shitshow going on. Not judging each other.  Just encouraging each other on the path that they are on. We cannot change each other,  EVER!

  This is the Easter message;  The more broken you know you are, the closer you are to God. It is about humility and a real awareness of brokenness and need.

I am to old to pretend.  Pride is before destruction.  I don’t want to improve.  I want to share where God has me, in my mudd puddle. He knows I am there, we are not pretending.  He doesn’t give up on me. There is a reason for all of it.



4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. People don’t want to hear this stuff, do they. I ran a home Church for 4 years so there was somewhere to go for those of us who struggle with all the bull…they all left, half went straight back to a “real” Church. I don’t do Church anymore and after years of attending without me, now my family doesn’t anymore either. Frankly, I don’t think Jesus would be allowed through the front door Himself these days. Peace out.

  2. I ❤ this: “That is the point, to live a messy life with other people having an equal shitshow going on. Not judging each other. Just encouraging each other on the path that they are on.”

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