Death’s door: a review of ‘the fault in our stars’

Yesterday,  I started reading’ the fault in our stars.’ The protagonist is a different character (she is terminally ill) ,from anything I have read. I don’t tend to read sad books.

I am close to halfway through the book. It has been an easy read. The perspective of a terminally ill teen has been interesting to read, I don’t personally know a teen going through terminal cancer.

The entertainment factor in this book to me is her friend Augustus. It’s as though he collects dying friends.  He himself was faced with cancer,  he understands the feelings of his ill friends. The sarcasm of speech between him and his friends about their suffering and impending doom, communicates understanding about being on death’s door.

It gets me to thinking about death, this story is told in a way that is very accepting of death occurring a lot. We all know we are going to die someday,  we just don’t live with an exact date of when that is. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we were born with an expiration date?

That would be a great book. How different we would live ,if we knew the exact day we would die. We definitely wouldn’t put up with much, we would take more risks.

What do you think?  How do you think you would you live ,if you knew you were dying on an exact death day?


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