No phone withdrawls

Writing time never became available, yesterday.  The need to get things accomplished won out over ‘me’ time. With all my time now that I am not on social media, I am noticing lots of things around me need attention.

It blows me away what I am capable of conquering in a day, or realising how much time I waste, normally. I got my gardens weeded and fertilized.  I washed all the outdoor Windows. I spring cleaned the inside twice already.  That was because we went through an appraisal. I had dinner cooked by the time the kids were out of school.  That is the way to do it, if they are starving after school they just eat a huge dinner at 4.

My kids just want money for Easter. Having older kids sucks, because all the cute stuff you used to give them they have outgrown. I am glad I will have a granddaughter ( we found out wednesday, it is a girl) next Easter to give adorable stuff too.  Anyways, I will be hiding eggs with money in them. My son is a diabetic now, so the candy is out too.

I remember my children saying adorable things to quote.  They are teens now, I will not repeat what they say. It is sarcastic, rude, typical teenage stuff.

I understand now why being a grandma will be so much fun. I adore baby shoes. The only people on the planet that should wear crocs is babies. Tiny baby shoes are where it’s at. Little kids have amazing imaginations, I am so excited to live in that world, at a time I can enjoy it and appreciate it.

You just mellow with age. I don’t go out often. If I do ,it’s for martinis with friends.  Babysitting sounds fun. I think when I was younger,  I was stressed out and didn’t cherish the moment. Being home is my sanctuary, now. I am looking forward to making holiday traditions with the new baby girl. Now that I know it’s a girl, I am going to be shopping all the time.

Just thoughts about how much holidays change as your kids get older. What do you experience with your kids becoming adults?


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