Is there a 12 step for phone addictions, yet?

Recently, I have tried to pay attention to the amount of time, I spend on social media. 

So far since I have been aware, I find myself grabbing my phone to check notifications.  The last two days I have stopped myself from picking up my phone every time I desire.

I enjoy these self discipline games with myself.  I am not sure if this happens because my kids are older and I am whatever they need me to be. These include: Doctor, chauffeur, overnights with friends, psychologist, advocate. My food supply is eaten through like it’s the end times. I lack control over so many things I think that is why I do these disciplines.  I don’t know maybe I have a tendency to be masochistic?

Anyway,  I find myself in a lot of thought without the social media.  I am not saying that is a good thing, just an awareness  that is happening.  I also notice things and people around me when I am picking kids up from everywhere.  The first thing I used to do was check my phone every idle second. I notice interesting hair.  Styles of these teens at the high school . How many of them are on their phones, walking. 

We are obsessed with our phones.  They do everything for us, immediately. 
I grew up before cell phones.  I miss those days, just keeping track of time, and the people you were with. I am thankful ‘the dirty’ didn’t exist in my day on the internet.  Things were way more private.

But here I am spilling my guts on the internet, it has changed me too. I don’t know how long this discipline will last for me. I just quit my 13 day fast.  This may replace that madness. I still have a hard time eating large quantities of food. My water intake is still way up due to that fast. Nothing epic to report on this fast.

I usually just write about whatever is going on in my life. Maybe new blog material?  I will let you know if I suffer any physical withdrawal during this process.  Ha!


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