I was driving home from getting my taxes done, severely depressed, today. I owe the government so much money *gasping*. I had a thought of becoming an escort on the side to pay for this nonsense. KIDDING. Anyways my phone was dead so I was listening to my favorite station, scan, on the radio. This song came on and I laughed out loud at the memory.

It was the spring of 1997 I was dating a paintball player. He lived in California but played for the Seattle reigns in Washington. I lived in Colorado and met him because he was in town for work and got his haircut by me. We hit it off,he was a smaller person of height and I had to give him a Pompadour to make him appear taller. Apparently he appreciated that.

We decided to date long distance. We met in Seattle, when he had games. These are rough and tumble men that play this sport. They play in fatigues in the woods and hit each other with these balls that are actually painful when they hit.

One night after a game, they won in Seattle. we celebrated by going to a bar/club. One thing about me is that alcohol changes me into a dancing nymphomaniac. The club was having a shadow box dancing contest that evening. I was dancing on the dance floor like there was no one else there. one of the employees of the club approached me to dance in the competition. I was so drunk, I was like okay. They asked me for my song and it was this song. I danced my bootee off and won. After hearing the announcement that I won, I walked up to get my prize, not being sober, I was falling all over the place. Isn’t it weird when you drink, you can dance but not walk? A very handsome I think (alcohol goggles) man picked me up and took me up the stage. My boyfriend, Mr. paintball was not happy at all, that I won, that some other man picked me up. He got into a fight with the guy who carried me. That started a huge bar fight with all these paintball players and we all got thrown out of the club. We broke up shortly following that trip.


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