Source: Teen in Pa. stabbing charged as adult

Does that bring you comfort to read that he will be charged as an adult?
What the fuck is wrong that someone feels the need to stab everyone around them?
I am so triggered by this atrocity. I am just reliving December and my daughter being in the shooting at her high school.  Hearing the words” active shooter” or in this case” active stabber” as a parent, there is nothing worse. Your heart drops to your stomach as you reel inside with fear and helplessness.  Just praying your life away. It will be burnt into my memory forever, when I looked at my phone to see a text from my daughter.  Mom, There is swat teams here, I am fucking scared, shots have been fired.
My heart dropped, I felt it. I was numb.  I answered her; get your ass on the floor, pray, pray, pray, and I LOVE YOU ALWAYS! I am on my way to you!

My heart goes out to all 20 victims and their families! I do not believe anyone died but there are a lot in critical condition.  He sliced their abdomen’s open.

The thing I can’t and won’t palate is that this is normal.  I have to desensitize my kids and tell them this kind of things happen. Fuck that! That is how I feel. It is not okay for this to go on. EVER!

The thing that always comes up is all these shooters/stabbers are glorified by the media. That was the worst experience in my situation.  You know your kid is still in that school, the reporters are in your face taking shots of you hugging your friends, whose kids are inside as well, in desperation, clinging and crying with each other. It felt like; HEY WORLD, BIG NEWS: people are suffering, watch. This is where the desensitized thinking occurs.

My daughter and I were played repeatedly on the news hugging and crying. There is nothing comparable to the moment when reuniting with your child after that horror show. 

I don’t know I just don’t get it. I didn’t grow up with this.

These shooters also have red flags in thier pasts. There is an answer to this and requires funding for mental health.  It is not going to stop with making shooters/stabbers celebrities, or ignoring blatant symptoms of mental health concerns.

We now see it is not just a gun issue. This event was 2 kitchen knives used. It is a human issue.


4 thoughts on “Source: Teen in Pa. stabbing charged as adult

  1. Noba Dee says:

    Last year we had a kid at my college go on a stabbing spree on campus. Was in the news. He had a surgical scalpel that he took from a science lab, ran around the campus slicing everyone he approached. He put several people in the hospital. He just went nuts one day out of the blue. This is one month after we had a shooting. A few months later, a bomb scare. lol The most unsafe place to be in America is at school.

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