More cleansing ranting

This is my eighth day on this cleanse. I would love to report, I am doing back flips at this point, but I am not. It is becoming a normal part of my daily routine. Most of the detox symptoms are gone at this point. I will know it is fully part of my life when I quit writing about it.

I am shocked at how little weight I have lost. 3 pounds total. I believe this is due to the spirulina powder I am using in high volumes for protein. I think I am loosing fat, which is why I am not seeing it on the scale numbers. I also drink 80-95 ounces of fluids a day. That is so much to pee! Ha!  That I believe affects the scale numbers,  because being hydrated all the time means water weight.

I decided yesterday I am going to continue this cleanse through the end of May. I will be eating raw; uncooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. I will continue juicing daily and fasting at least once a week.

My 40th birthday is in June. We are going to Belize to celebrate. I want to feel and look  like a rock star in my bikini. Ha!

Even though I want that killer body, I want to restore the damage I have done to my body over the years more. Raw foods and juicing has the ability to restore health. 

I would like to for the second half of my life, to incorporate raw  at least fifty percent of the time as a goal. We will see. Spring and summer are my months I feel alive and proactive.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in the warm seasons is easy for me. It will be fall and winter that I put on my weight and succumb to carbs and the couch, that w ill be difficult. 

I also realise that my body no longer responds like it used too, to these changes I do to it. I feel In the past I  have been able to do these cleanses and would have speedy results. I feel forty in my metabolism. 

Forty is not the new twenty. Do you hear this saying?  I have a tweny one year old daughter,  I do not have her body or her mentality.  That is OKAY!  You could not pay me to go back to my twenties.  There is an acceptance of stretch marks as war wounds from birthing babies. There is an acceptance of having body parts that will never look like they did in your twenties. The goal is to look and feel the best I can at forty.

The end.


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