Today was my fourth day on this fast I am on. I have really felt great the past three days.

Today I did a coffee enema and I have felt tired, lethargic, dizzy and faint all day. Working was super hard today. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling so bad.

I realised that the coffee enema released toxins, and that is why I am feeling this fatigue. My liver is detoxing my love for vodka dirty martinis with stuffed blue cheese olives, Yum! The other martini that is making me suffer is the bloodless mary. This martini has horseradish vodka with tabasco sauce in it, served with a floating bacon strip.. Thank you martini for not only making me throw you up once, now I get to suffer through the liver toxin. I don’t think I am ever going to drink again.

I remember going through this the last time I cleansed. I am going to try to fast for ten days. Achieving this could be my life saver. Ten days on a fast  has the ability to prevent degenerative diseases. The immune system has been given a boost to do it’s thing.

My son was diagnosed in December with diabetes type 1. He is now insulin dependent. I used to have a fear of needles, that went away immediately.  He is amazing in his maturity to handle living with this ailment. 

Our family was tested for diabetes after his diagnosis. My test came back with the positive markers that I could end up with diabetes.

So this is my goal ;to support my body to fight off what it can. I just forgot the part about feeling shitty. Isn’t it interesting how your mind doesn’t allow you to remember pain vividly?


2 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. Noba Dee says:

    I’m considering doing fasting in the near future. God knows my body is tainted with all kinds of toxic waste, accumulated over the years. I’ve done it in the past before and lost a lot of weight from it; but, I went down the unhealthy route in the past few years and undid all the good. Sorry about your the diabetes, that’s the shits. Hopefully you can manage it for him so that he can keep living a fulfilling life.

  2. Hey you! I have not lost hardly any weight. I am on day 8 of my fast. I use 1 tbl spirulina powder three times a day in my juice I make out of vegetables. I recommend the spirulina powder, it has so much protein in it. Let me know when you do it. Thanks for your kind words. We will get through the diabetes.

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