Day 5

Day five of my cleanse started this morning. I awoke with cramps.  Awesome,  I had forgotten that doing this process brings on the menstrual cycle. The reason this happens naturally is for  detoxification.

Last night I felt ravenous with hunger. I have not experianced that feeling on this cleanse, yet. I ate watermelon,  but it wasn’t enough. I ended up eating a kale salad with nuts.

I juiced my daily vegetables and took a probiotic this morning. I know it is going to be a long day with the fatigue I feel. I bitch a lot going through this phase as this is when the detox symptoms really come on. Runny nose,Period,Coughing and fatigue. 

The good news; yes, there is some. My skin is clear. I have lost 3 pounds. Respiratory functions are better. My mood feels stabilized. I am waking up earlier in the morning as well.

This is always a crazy, busy day at work. So, this should be an interesting day.  I only have today and tomorrow to get through work this week. This will be the longest cleanse I have done, I am not sure what to anticipate. I hope when I go back to work next week, I feel way better.
Happy Friday!



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