Spring cleaning and the fountain of youth

It Is officially spring. That means it is time for my yearly cleanse. I already did the house, this is a body cleanse . I think you are supposed to do a cleanse in the fall and spring. That takes too much will  power for me in the fall, as I prefer to give into my craving for comfort foods, as the cold weather moves in. So let me emphasise that I eat whatever, whenever in the fall and winter. Desserts, alcohol, bread , all of it.

You can cleanse in so many ways. I just tried a cleanse one of my friends told me about. The maple syrup,lemon, water, cayenne pepper cleanse.  It left me very hungry during the fast, I have low blood sugar so that was not a good one for me, it did not have enough protein.   I always end up referring back  to this book, prescription for Nutritional Healing, that I follow when I do my cleaning out. The author Phyllis Balch is an amazingly, qualified expert on natural healing remedies, herbs, supplements, and dietary help.

I typically fast for three days. My fasts include drinking vegetable juice; carrots, beets, kale, chard,tomatoes, Italian parsley, cucumber, apples and spinach. I use a tablespoon of spirulina powder every time I drink this juice. I also drink herbal tea all day. Also, I use a dry body scrub to release toxins and dry skin. Helpful, I love coconut oil instead of lotion to hydrate.

this is what I juice


Did you know Spirulina is a super food? It is so nutritious for you, you could survive alone on it with water. We are told to include a lot of fish in our diet for the fatty omega properties.  What do fish eat? Blue, green algae. Spirulina is blue, green algae. It has the ability to make you not Hungary, the protein packs a punch.The vitamins and health benefits are amazing. It has had significant success helping inactive the human immunodeficiency virus ( HIV). I feel energetic even though I am not eating. This is my third day fasting, I am not tired.

Last May, I did a cleanse of  three days fasting with the spirulina powder and vegetable juice. The raw diet three days before the fast.  The Raw Diet is;nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables in their raw state. Nothing cooked. I finished this cleanse back on the raw diet for the last three days. A total of 9 days. Finishing it the day after my birthday.

My family gave me a broccoli bunch with a candle in it for my cake. We celebrated with a massive salad and fruits. It was awesome. Except for the creepy company I invited that told me I looked like I was dying. I had lost 10 pounds. I did get really sick detoxing. I knew I did not look well. I had just had a two hour massage before they came to dinner. That was the last step in the detox process of the cleanse. I actually gave the massage therapist goose bumps from feeling my detox coming out of my pores. It is a no joke detoxification process.

broccoli birthday cake

The weight loss was more to do with the enemas I was doing. Colonic are vital in a cleanse, not in a fast but an actual cleanse. However,  if you are having severe headaches, coffee enemas help. Most disease starts in the colon. People are not checking out their colons till they are 50, now. That is a long time for shit to build up inside anyone  and cause disease. My kids think I am the sickest person for doing enemas. I tell them I think they are gross for what is living in their large intestine.

Coffee enemas are small amounts of coffee  that are retained  for 15 minutes laying down. It is not suggested to do this frequently,  just in times of cleansing.  Our colon is the last part of the intestines before it hits your bum. The coffee is absorbed into the hemorrhoid vein, it is taken up to the liver in another vein.  Caffeine acts differently when used this way versus drinking it. It stimulates the liver  and gallbladder to release toxins and speeds up the detoxification process. Yes, lot’s of bile!

Cleansing enemas are large amounts of water with lemon juice. That is exactly what it does, it cleanses chemicals and toxins. These things destroy your nervous system. That can trigger neurological diseases as well.  Again, major bile.

Cleansing helps with premature aging, unwanted weight, acne, fatigue, chronic pain and poor immune system.

The point of cleansing is to give your digestive system a break. Your body works hard to digest foods. Our bodies can focus on what needs repair when it is not digesting food. I was blown away to have knee pain from an motorcycle injury 20 years ago. Our immune system is amazing!

I am doing so well fasting this time, I might continue for another day. I do munch on watermelon while cooking dinner for the family. Watermelon is mostly water so it doesn’t require much digestion. Watermelon is  Totally okay to eat while fasting.

People frequently are shocked when I tell them my age ( which is 39 and 10 months, but who’s counting?) I completely think cleansing and fasting is why. Don’t get me wrong; I see every flaw I have. I am just saying that I think this is the fountain of youth. It all starts internally. See not a day over 29. Ha!



I also experienced a spiritual presence of light on my eighth day into that cleanse. It was divine. I had a dream of this light and presence that was filling, I awoke and it was still there, I did not want to move in fear of it leaving. This happened on my eighth day into that cleanse.  Every religion talks about fasting. It is interesting to me that , that wasn’t the goal, but spiritual truth does what it says.


Has anyone done this crazy cleanse to themselves?  Tell me what you think benefited you the most? Did you have a spiritual breakthrough?


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