This is the hubby. You are probably thinking, is he in a band? That is a frequently asked question the kids and I get about him. My favorite questioning was at my daughter’s parent teacher  [high school] conference. The teacher asked my daughter, ‘where is your rock star dad?’ Everyone behind us in line starting laughing. The teacher said loudly, “no, really, he does look like a rock star!!”
The answer to that question is no, he is not in a band or is he a rock star. I wish he was, we need more money. He is great at playing the guitar and keyboards, he could be in a band. However, he is married and has his own business and is a selfless person really.

His hairstyles are my creations, he lets me do anything I want. Ladies, that is love! This is a photo of his signature asymmetrical mullet above. Right now my hubby is sporting Darrell’s haircut from the walking dead. Love Darrell!



If I could have any job it would be with the hairdressers of this show, I love the Walking Dead. I would also love to do the makeup for the zombies, it is a weird pastime I have. This is my son from last Halloween, he is an unzipped zombie. My husband walked into our kitchen after I did my son’s makeup and said, “he is sooo scary, Shauna!” Ha! He got 10 pounds of candy that evening. He scared people when they answered their doors. Winning!


Hubby doesn’t do much for himself. However, yesterday he went snowboarding with a friend.I find this so sexy about him. He is an amazing snowboarder! He likes to go mach speeds down severe inclines,while jumping off whatever natural terrain he can find. Awesome! When I met my hubby he skateboarded all the time. He was sponsored by a skate shop. He has a ton of footage from his skate days of him jumping off railings and buildings. He is crazy and I think that is hot! I don’t go skiing with him anymore because I like to be in control of my speed and care more about my technique and style. I think it’s awesome he gets it out of his system. Go testosterone. Does anyone else get stoked over their man’s manliness?


I took my son skiing today for the first time in his life. He has gone snowboarding with dad before but that doesn’t go well. Dad is not patient in the learning department. I grew up in the mountains and skiing was pretty much the only thing to do! We skied every weekend through middle school. I was really fortunate looking back. It was affordable to do that with our school. It is expensive to ski now! I have not gone skiing in years, I was apprehensive about going due to that. but it’s like riding a bike. My son did great. He picked it up pretty naturally, I was most impressed with his control of speed and knowing where other skiers were around him. I call it defensive skiing. Ha! We had an awesome time. Yay! Don’t you love these undefinable moments with your kids?




Assymetrical mullet model


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