flash fiction Friday challenge

The skyscraper came into view from the asphalt paved road; it looked black because they have protective Mylar instead of glass throughout the building windows. It has a landing pad on the top of it. The landing pad is enclosed by a parasol (which looks like an enormous umbrella) completely coated in Mylar. The road has large potholes ready to swallow your vehicle. The landscape is full of brush, and dessert surrounds this city since the loss of most of the protection of the ozone layer is now gone. The roads are not necessary anymore for ground travel; there are no longer crews of people who maintain roads. Every car is fitted with protective sun protection and is able to drive on ground roads equipped with mud terrain tires and is also equipped with recon figurable embedded systems. That allows you to fly through areas that you can no longer drive on.

You can no longer go outside without a protective suit and helmet also made of Mylar to protect you from the sun, that is if you are a lucky survivor and have not died from cancer due to exposure. The skyscraper is where the city exists now.
As you land under the parasol you enter through a special elevator that scans you for sun exposure, it also takes you to the floor you desire, if your scan comes back safe. If your scan does not come back on levels that are safe, you are quarantined to a floor with doctors.

Each floor has a responsibility to the community. As in all end of time communities, survival is what is most important. The top 3 floors grow all the hybrid vegetables and fruits. The next five floors are for all the live stock and animals.

The rest of the floors are for those fortunate enough to survive. The living spaces are simple. The beds are made of sensory loss chambers, filled with enough salt water to float with a floatation vest. They found that sleeping this way gave them extra protection as well as helped them mentally deal with being the end time survivors. Suicide had become a problem and this is what they found to help with that. Food is eaten in a community style on one of the floors; there are not kitchens in the living area. Each space has one bathroom with a toilet. Showers were not necessary as much as protecting themselves with dirt applied after sunscreen. Dirt underneath their clothes made a natural barrier to the sun and they had water in their sleep chambers to wash.

There were children in this city. They had a floor that was built for them; Most of this area is for keeping them in physical shape. School was for learning survival in this new world. At age 13 you were chosen according to your ability what you would do for a job.

The jobs that require going outside with the flying cars was to look for survivors and bring them back to the building. Many die from exposure from the sun even with protective gear. This is a job given to criminals and those who don’t want to play by the rules. They had no government. This seemed to work well as most people did not want to go outside.

Sustaining life is what this city is about.




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