Are they not the cutest thing ever?  Yes, they are in this state of half sleepiness, resting on the rug provided for them. 

I awoke this morning pissed off because that little one in the picture, was sprawled over my legs. I moved her several times during the night. I do not understand how my legs are comfy to her.  Anyhow I got up because I was tired of moving her around. 

Having long hair is a new phenomenon to me. Every time I wake up I have these locks around my neck. Whoever said,’ long hair is sexy’, must not have it. It is always in the way. Between the dog and my hair it was a bad night.

I made my way down the hallway to discover the trash had been gone through in the bathroom and there was a trail of it all the way to the living room. I picked up all the trash, grumpy as hell to do this first thing in the morning. 

As I was entering the kitchen I notice a huge puddle on the kitchen tile.  Are you kidding me? I have been awake for 5 minutes and it feels like a dogs gone wild video was filmed last night without my knowing it.
I just want coffee. 


Dogs gone wild


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