So excited to finish this work day. I am taking spring break off with my children and have ten glorious days off from work, starting tomorrow.  Actually starting after work tonight.  Yes, there will be lots of drinking. Ha!

Spring is here and I feel it. My garden is getting green. Magenta and purple color are visibly making an effort to break through the ground.

It was seventy degrees yesterday.   We are supposed to get snow tonight. No worries!  It will be seventy in no time to melt it away. Living in Colorado is a trip because you can experience winter, spring and summer in one day right now. I am looking forward to just one season, summer.  There is a snow board company named Never Summer.  I thought it would be cool to have a company named never winter. Maybe,  when I move to Belize and make custom surf boards.

Yesterday I cleaned for eight hours.  You can say I did spring cleaning. You could perform surgery on my floors now ,if needed.  We were supposed to go through an appraisal at 4pm yesterday but no one came. I cannot express in words the bummer that is.  Cleaning with children, (in my case teenagers) is like shoveling while it is snowing.  I found out this morning that the appraisal is next Thursday.  😦

The bathroom is finished!  Yay! We are still married. I did not take a photo of the before bathroom.  You will have to visualise with your mind. It used to be tiled in turquoise with a splash of white. The wall color was an antique white ,with a flower pattern wall paper border on it. The cabinets were all oak. The sink and toilet did not match. Hideous really.  We all fought over the virgin toilet. Ha! 

Happy Spring to you!ImageHappy Spring



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