Remodeling woes

Today will be interesting.  Between allergies and lack of sleep, I feel like the walking dead. Not the pretty cast of walking dead,  but like a walker, grunting.
We started remodeling our master bathroom this weekend.  Our home was built in 1961, this bathroom had turquoise everything. It is 40 square feet, not a normal master bath size. Color is vital in making this space look larger. I am excited to have it done and functional. In the meantime it is a lot of work and a drag. Mostly because the hubby is cranky.
It is funny to me that after years of being with someone, you know exactly how they will react, even though it seems surprising to them.
Every project we have done to this home, the behavior around it is the same. He gets excited during demolition.  Then we move to anxiety about what all needs to be done. Frustration builds because of the timeline it needs to be done in. That one is because all projects are done under the gun. Right now we are currently in ‘fuck it’ if it gets done. The next and final stage is us not speaking to each other to finish this project. 
My next post will be a picture of this bathroom done. Hopefully not with a divorce decrees attached. 


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