Thank God for Buzzfeed

Thank God for Buzzfeed. I now know a lot of things about myself, I did not know.

I am not gay or straight.  Hmmm.

I am supposed to live in Japan.  That I find true. Sushi everyday. No hand shaking, yay! Slackers,  beware,  Japan is no place for you. Cold sake, yes please!

Apparently,  buffy the vampire slayer and I are the same.

If I were a drink, I would be red wine. That is funny, I hate wine!

Take me back to high school in today’s time; I am a scene kid. True that!

The state I belong in, Wisconsin.  Well, I do love cheese.

The psychedelic furs is the band I would be in. Okay,  I do love his raspy vocals.

My job, vice president of a company.  That is funny.

I find it interesting that Buzzfeed knows so much about me. Just by checking squares of my favorite color, sport, drink, and animal.

Have you taken these quizzes?  What did you learn about yourself?


4 thoughts on “Thank God for Buzzfeed

  1. Noba Dee says:

    lol @ scene kid. I don’t care for Wisconsin, it gives me flashbacks of Germany. I’m not gay or straight either, I’m some sort of an anomaly.

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