Did you know parent/ teacher conferences are not for honor students?

Last night, I went to parent/teacher conferences. I do not enjoy this experience. It is not because my kids are struggling, but the opposite. My children are straight A students.

These conferences are held in the gymnasium of the school. Parents wait in ridiculously long lines, to talk the teacher. Patience, is not a strong character quality for me.

When I finally get my turn; I sit down and tell them my name and my childs name, they smile and say, ” he/she; is doing great,I have no complaints. ” That is a fabulous thing to hear, don’t get me wrong. I then tell them, ” I am here so you know I care about their education and my want to support them.” They follow that statement up with,’ just send me an e-mail.’

Apparently, not known to me, there is some unwritten rule, that if your child is doing well, don’t come to conferences.

Okay, I won’t spend three hours of my time, standing in these lines, to be told to send them an e-mail.

I find that unbelievable, for the following reasons:
1. My daughter is a freshman in high school, there was a student who came into the school shooting a gun in December. He killed another student and himself. I wonder why the teachers are not talking about the mental health of your child?
2. What does this say about students that are responsible and care about their future? The squeaky wheel always gets the lube. I understand that. Why don’t the parents of these students get told to come in for a private conference if they need more than 5 minutes?
3. I have an older child that did not do well in school. It is not that I do not understand that perspective. I spent a lot of time talking to teachers outside of conferences about her. She was tutored throughout high school. I was never told to do this. I did it because I cared about her education. I also spoke to the teachers for 5 minutes when there was conferences. Is it the responsibility of the teacher or parent to dictate the amount of time spent with each student during conferences?

A teacher last night, told me, ” I know you care, your son is amazing.” I told her, ” I challenge that thinking, I have a child who didn’t do well in school, does that make me a parent who doesn’t care?”

I don’t understand.

If a teacher is reading this, I would really like to understand this mentality.


3 thoughts on “Did you know parent/ teacher conferences are not for honor students?

  1. My Queen Home Educated our 4 kids…I think part of the reason was so that she would never have to bail me out of jail for having knocked out some disinterested arsehole teacher. Good luck trying to figure out a Teacher’s mentality but I don’t rate your chances, Darl.

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