Get your shit together

Have you ever read the book, If you give a mouse a cookie by Laura Joffe? It starts like this.” If you give a mouse a cookie, he will probaly ask for milk.When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask for a straw.When he is finished he will ask for a napkin. Then he will want to look in the mirror to see if the milk moustache is gone. While looking in the mirror he notices he needs a trim and will probably ask for a pair of nail scissors. ” Etc…
This is how my day felt to me. I  walked into my studio and notice a light is out.  I  walk to my desk to write a reminder note to buy a light and notice on my calendar that my son has an orthodontist appointment after school I had forgotten about. I also noticed he had club today, which I also forgot. My phone was exploding with work stuff all day  and as I tried to get through every situation it reminded of something that had slipped my mind. At the end of the work day, I had a good 2 hours of personal stuff to accomplish. Thank God the light bulb went out to trigger a chain reaction for me to get my shit together. Geez!


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