This is the hubby. You are probably thinking, is he in a band? That is a frequently asked question the kids and I get about him. My favorite questioning was at my daughter’s parent teacher  [high school] conference. The teacher asked my daughter, ‘where is your rock star dad?’ Everyone behind us in line starting laughing. The teacher said loudly, “no, really, he does look like a rock star!!”
The answer to that question is no, he is not in a band or is he a rock star. I wish he was, we need more money. He is great at playing the guitar and keyboards, he could be in a band. However, he is married and has his own business and is a selfless person really.

His hairstyles are my creations, he lets me do anything I want. Ladies, that is love! This is a photo of his signature asymmetrical mullet above. Right now my hubby is sporting Darrell’s haircut from the walking dead. Love Darrell!



If I could have any job it would be with the hairdressers of this show, I love the Walking Dead. I would also love to do the makeup for the zombies, it is a weird pastime I have. This is my son from last Halloween, he is an unzipped zombie. My husband walked into our kitchen after I did my son’s makeup and said, “he is sooo scary, Shauna!” Ha! He got 10 pounds of candy that evening. He scared people when they answered their doors. Winning!


Hubby doesn’t do much for himself. However, yesterday he went snowboarding with a friend.I find this so sexy about him. He is an amazing snowboarder! He likes to go mach speeds down severe inclines,while jumping off whatever natural terrain he can find. Awesome! When I met my hubby he skateboarded all the time. He was sponsored by a skate shop. He has a ton of footage from his skate days of him jumping off railings and buildings. He is crazy and I think that is hot! I don’t go skiing with him anymore because I like to be in control of my speed and care more about my technique and style. I think it’s awesome he gets it out of his system. Go testosterone. Does anyone else get stoked over their man’s manliness?


I took my son skiing today for the first time in his life. He has gone snowboarding with dad before but that doesn’t go well. Dad is not patient in the learning department. I grew up in the mountains and skiing was pretty much the only thing to do! We skied every weekend through middle school. I was really fortunate looking back. It was affordable to do that with our school. It is expensive to ski now! I have not gone skiing in years, I was apprehensive about going due to that. but it’s like riding a bike. My son did great. He picked it up pretty naturally, I was most impressed with his control of speed and knowing where other skiers were around him. I call it defensive skiing. Ha! We had an awesome time. Yay! Don’t you love these undefinable moments with your kids?




Assymetrical mullet model


flash fiction Friday challenge

The skyscraper came into view from the asphalt paved road; it looked black because they have protective Mylar instead of glass throughout the building windows. It has a landing pad on the top of it. The landing pad is enclosed by a parasol (which looks like an enormous umbrella) completely coated in Mylar. The road has large potholes ready to swallow your vehicle. The landscape is full of brush, and dessert surrounds this city since the loss of most of the protection of the ozone layer is now gone. The roads are not necessary anymore for ground travel; there are no longer crews of people who maintain roads. Every car is fitted with protective sun protection and is able to drive on ground roads equipped with mud terrain tires and is also equipped with recon figurable embedded systems. That allows you to fly through areas that you can no longer drive on.

You can no longer go outside without a protective suit and helmet also made of Mylar to protect you from the sun, that is if you are a lucky survivor and have not died from cancer due to exposure. The skyscraper is where the city exists now.
As you land under the parasol you enter through a special elevator that scans you for sun exposure, it also takes you to the floor you desire, if your scan comes back safe. If your scan does not come back on levels that are safe, you are quarantined to a floor with doctors.

Each floor has a responsibility to the community. As in all end of time communities, survival is what is most important. The top 3 floors grow all the hybrid vegetables and fruits. The next five floors are for all the live stock and animals.

The rest of the floors are for those fortunate enough to survive. The living spaces are simple. The beds are made of sensory loss chambers, filled with enough salt water to float with a floatation vest. They found that sleeping this way gave them extra protection as well as helped them mentally deal with being the end time survivors. Suicide had become a problem and this is what they found to help with that. Food is eaten in a community style on one of the floors; there are not kitchens in the living area. Each space has one bathroom with a toilet. Showers were not necessary as much as protecting themselves with dirt applied after sunscreen. Dirt underneath their clothes made a natural barrier to the sun and they had water in their sleep chambers to wash.

There were children in this city. They had a floor that was built for them; Most of this area is for keeping them in physical shape. School was for learning survival in this new world. At age 13 you were chosen according to your ability what you would do for a job.

The jobs that require going outside with the flying cars was to look for survivors and bring them back to the building. Many die from exposure from the sun even with protective gear. This is a job given to criminals and those who don’t want to play by the rules. They had no government. This seemed to work well as most people did not want to go outside.

Sustaining life is what this city is about.




Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite

Did you ever say this to someone?  My parents said this to me before bed often. This was way before I had knowledge of actual bedbugs being real.

This is not about bedbugs.  I have insomnia.  I fall asleep but I don’t stay asleep. This has been going on for four years.

Yesterday,  I went to the doctor for this problem.  It is not the first time. I have anxiety and I have a lot of tools that help me manage anxiety while in a conscious state. I work out daily and have changed my diet in attempt to help with this.

I have used several medications to help with this issue. The doctor put me on a new medication yesterday.
I didn’t wake up last night for the first time in months.

It is a great feeling to wake up and not feel hung over from tiredness.  It usually takes me two hours to function in the morning and several cups of coffee. This is mostly mental tiredness.  Like a haze, I have to break through.

The older I get I see my tendency to be genetically wired like my mom. In many ways I am like her. She has struggled with sleeping for a long time. She has been on sleeping pills for twenty years. She has always liked her pills and never questions her doctor about what she is taking and why.

I am different in that, I don’t want  to be on medication forever.  That is the frustration for me. I have tried everything natural. I force myself to physically be tired. I am in therapy to help with anxiety.  But in the end I am back on medicine. 

My hope is that if my body and mind get into a habit of not waking up during the night, I may be able to get off medication. 

Anxiety has plagued my entire family.  I wonder sometimes  how long that genetic code has been passed down from my ancestors.

I believe that most issues people have are chemical.  That is why there are so many addictions. Whatever poison you pick is giving you something you need. It may also give you problems but you are not crazy in your addiction.

Holistic doctors will tell you this: health affects your mental state as well as physical. Some people who are off balance with blood sugars can become institutionalized and told they are bi polar. It is a huge problem.  If you only seek an answer to a symptom,  you will never find the problem. 

The American diet is so bad for you. People are starving to death in a land full of food. Anything processed is garbage for you.  In my home when I shop I buy fruits, vegetables and fish or chicken and tons of beans. My husband buys processed foods. There is balance there and we have to live with each other.My kids  are being taught both worlds. 

Sometimes even in a healthy diet, your body is not able to break down what is being eaten. That is where addictions come in to aide this process. Every addiction is tied to a chemical  deficiency.  For years it was said that addiction is a gene. The new dms 5 now reports that addiction is across the board, you can be any age, gender to have addiction.  If you were to be diagnosed with addiction it is done with how severe or mild that addiction affects your life, all persons have addiction.

Learning to eat a diet that supports even blood sugars is vital. Eating frequently,  six times a day, and eating foods that don’t spike or lower blood sugars.  It is a daunting task. We have been taught the three meals a day is where it is at. Most of what we have been taught about diet is wrong for maximum health.

There is knowledge and real life.  The combination is tricky to find the balance. I have health insurance that only covers my doctor appointments. I know if I want to reach my ultimate health goals,  I need to also bring in a holistic doctor. That is more money out of pocket I don’t have. It is truly the only way to find out what we are missing in our diet and finding the solution naturally.

For now sleep is imperative.  I will continue with the knowledge I do have. I will take medicine.  That will not be the end for me.  When I do have the extra money it will be put to use finding someone in the holistic field to help find the answer to my broken chemistry. 

I have been in therapy most of my life. I am beginning to realise that I may need to put that money towards my physical health. The tie to mental health I am starting to believe is finding the deficiency in our physical make-up.

Any thoughts on this subject? 


Are they not the cutest thing ever?  Yes, they are in this state of half sleepiness, resting on the rug provided for them. 

I awoke this morning pissed off because that little one in the picture, was sprawled over my legs. I moved her several times during the night. I do not understand how my legs are comfy to her.  Anyhow I got up because I was tired of moving her around. 

Having long hair is a new phenomenon to me. Every time I wake up I have these locks around my neck. Whoever said,’ long hair is sexy’, must not have it. It is always in the way. Between the dog and my hair it was a bad night.

I made my way down the hallway to discover the trash had been gone through in the bathroom and there was a trail of it all the way to the living room. I picked up all the trash, grumpy as hell to do this first thing in the morning. 

As I was entering the kitchen I notice a huge puddle on the kitchen tile.  Are you kidding me? I have been awake for 5 minutes and it feels like a dogs gone wild video was filmed last night without my knowing it.
I just want coffee. 

Dogs gone wild


So excited to finish this work day. I am taking spring break off with my children and have ten glorious days off from work, starting tomorrow.  Actually starting after work tonight.  Yes, there will be lots of drinking. Ha!

Spring is here and I feel it. My garden is getting green. Magenta and purple color are visibly making an effort to break through the ground.

It was seventy degrees yesterday.   We are supposed to get snow tonight. No worries!  It will be seventy in no time to melt it away. Living in Colorado is a trip because you can experience winter, spring and summer in one day right now. I am looking forward to just one season, summer.  There is a snow board company named Never Summer.  I thought it would be cool to have a company named never winter. Maybe,  when I move to Belize and make custom surf boards.

Yesterday I cleaned for eight hours.  You can say I did spring cleaning. You could perform surgery on my floors now ,if needed.  We were supposed to go through an appraisal at 4pm yesterday but no one came. I cannot express in words the bummer that is.  Cleaning with children, (in my case teenagers) is like shoveling while it is snowing.  I found out this morning that the appraisal is next Thursday.  😦

The bathroom is finished!  Yay! We are still married. I did not take a photo of the before bathroom.  You will have to visualise with your mind. It used to be tiled in turquoise with a splash of white. The wall color was an antique white ,with a flower pattern wall paper border on it. The cabinets were all oak. The sink and toilet did not match. Hideous really.  We all fought over the virgin toilet. Ha! 

Happy Spring to you!ImageHappy Spring



Remodeling woes

Today will be interesting.  Between allergies and lack of sleep, I feel like the walking dead. Not the pretty cast of walking dead,  but like a walker, grunting.
We started remodeling our master bathroom this weekend.  Our home was built in 1961, this bathroom had turquoise everything. It is 40 square feet, not a normal master bath size. Color is vital in making this space look larger. I am excited to have it done and functional. In the meantime it is a lot of work and a drag. Mostly because the hubby is cranky.
It is funny to me that after years of being with someone, you know exactly how they will react, even though it seems surprising to them.
Every project we have done to this home, the behavior around it is the same. He gets excited during demolition.  Then we move to anxiety about what all needs to be done. Frustration builds because of the timeline it needs to be done in. That one is because all projects are done under the gun. Right now we are currently in ‘fuck it’ if it gets done. The next and final stage is us not speaking to each other to finish this project. 
My next post will be a picture of this bathroom done. Hopefully not with a divorce decrees attached.