Daily prompt: Twilight Zone

What comes to mind immediately when thinking of the twilight zone is a  experiance I had at the gas station.
I live right down the street from a gas station that we as a family have been innumerable times.
Grubby or ready for work, I have visited this establishment looking both ways.
One day;  I think ,I was looking decent.  I walked through the glass double doors to pay at the counter,  when a man standing there (he was just hanging out) uncomfortably stared at me while I paid. 
I live in Colorado, marijuana became legal Jan 1st of this year. It has been legal for many years for medicinal use. The smell of pot is something I expect when I enter this land of brightly lit soda machines and candy isles. 
I finished paying and turned to leave when the lingering man opened the door for me to exit and smiled a toothless grin. He said,” you sure is pretty.” He then turned to the line of people waiting to pay for their munchies and gas and shouted, “isn’t she just a beauty, and she smells sooo good.”  I think at that moment as all eyes are on me,’I am in the twilight zone.’ I answered him,”Thanks” and bolted to my car.


6 thoughts on “Daily prompt: Twilight Zone

  1. Noba Dee says:

    I always hated the smell of marijuana, it’s like vomit mixed with cow manure. I don’t think they realize that the smell lingers in their hair and clothing; no matter how many times they wash it, it’s still there.

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