I picked my son up from middle school and decided to head to the grocery store nearby. I needed to send my oldest  child money via western union, which by the way is a total ripoff to exchange money this way. It took forever because no one who worked there knew what was going on with the process of doing a western union transaction. Really? Why do you offer a service you know nothing about? I just smiled as they apologized to me for how long it was taking. I try to be a understanding person or pretend to be one. I was just  totally blown away that no one knew what was going on.

 Anyways,while my son and I waited at the counter PATIENTLY , he asked me about the sign that read POWERBALL? I explained that it was a game in our state’s lottery. He asked me why I never played it? I told him he was more likely to be hit twice by lightning than to win. He asked me to buy a ticket because the jackpot is 50 million and powerball is played on Wednesday. I bought 2 tickets ,so please send me good thoughts on tonight’s win. There is 100 percent blue skies outside, no clouds, so I have no chance of getting hit by lightning for luck before tonight.

 I  told him we are moving to Belize immediately if we win. We have been throwing around the idea of moving there and my teenagers are not down with the idea yet. He agreed he would move to Belize with that amount of money.

I don’t know about you but I totally start fantasizing about what I would do with that kind of money. Definitely,  I would quit my job. I would for sure move to Belize.  I would work on my writing full time, I would love to write on my laptop on the beach,Sipping fruity drink and watching the waves come in. No worries to be had.

 I would honestly love to start a diabetes center in Belize ,  they have a huge population that have diabetes and many people die from it. My son was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 in December and is insulin dependent now. This cause is close to my heart. We are blessed to have an incredible diabetes center where we live and I think everyone with diabetes deserves to be educated and supported the way we are.

If I use’ the secret ‘mentality and put this intention out to the universe and visualize ,this is a possibility. I think I will seriously do that before the drawing tonight.

Back to reality, I did finally get my transaction completed, hopefully they learned how to do this for others. Geesh, Western Union has been around forever. I also realize with my western living I will have to learn to be more patient with people if my heart’s desire is to live in Belize, still a third world country. Ha!




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