Daily Prompt: We Got the Beat

Have you ever played in a band? Tell us all about that experience of making music with friends.

I grew up in a very small mountain town. It was fifth grade when band was an option to play an instrument. I choose the alto saxophone.

There was a church across from my elementary school that hosted a variety of activities including band practice. We would meet there once or twice a week to play our instruments. It sounded pretty bad for a long time as we were just learning our new instruments.

In our little town you went to the high school in seventh grade, the band room had small rooms to practice instruments. However, because we were middle school students they were more private for making out and talking to friends than music being played.

That is why we sounded so bad when concerts would come up. Saxophones can sound ear splitting when they are played wrong. There were about six people who played the saxophone.

I would love to tell you I moved on to be an incredible saxophone player but I quit playing in eighth grade.

The experience that I want to share about my saxophone has nothing to do with playing it or a band moment as that is not exciting. Shortly after getting my saxophone a girl named Faith moved to our town from New York City, she was tough and liked to fight. One day which I cannot remember the incident clearly, she came after me physically and I hit her as hard as I could with my saxophone case and ran as fast I could. She never bothered me again.



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